Arrow keys under rxvt-unicode

I compiled moc 2.4.4 and it works fine with xterm, but if I run it from rxvt-unicode the arrow keys don't work.
I haven't touched the keymap so far, because it is perfect for xterm. Any suggestions how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

Check your $Term by
$ echo $TERM
It will be something like rxvt or rxvt-color.

Now set your TERM variable to xterm by
$ export TERM=xterm
and test again.


Unfortunately, setting the $TERM variable didn't solve the problem.
I have also tried changing the URxvt*termName in ~/.Xresources to xterm, but that didn't help either...

I am using rxvt-unicode and there is no problem with keys in mocp.
Can you navigate in your terminal outside of mocp?