My first theme


Maybe this theme not ideal but of course I like it and MOC too:)

# My color theme for MOC.
# by ksen-lin.
background = white black
frame = yellow black bold
window_title = yellow black bold
directory = white black
selected_directory = yellow black bold
playlist = white black bold
selected_playlist = green black bold
file = white black
selected_file = green black dim,underline
marked_file = yellow black bold
marked_selected_file = green black bold
info = blue black bold
selected_info = blue black bold
marked_info = green black bold
marked_selected_info = green black bold
status = white black
title = green black bold
state = yellow black bold
current_time = yellow black bold
time_left = yellow black bold
total_time = white black bold
time_total_frames = yellow black bold
sound_parameters = yellow black bold
legend = white black
disabled = blue black bold
enabled = white black bold
empty_mixer_bar = white black
filled_mixer_bar = green blue bold
empty_time_bar = white black
filled_time_bar = black blue
entry = white blue
entry_title = yellow black bold
error = red black bold
message = green black bold
plist_time = white black bold

once I've found also one, which is pretty nice on bright terminals. its is rather simple, but pretty:

# bluenblack theme by yyz
# works good on a light term

#property fg bg fx
background = default default
frame = black default
window_title = black default
directory = blue default
selected_directory = black default bold
playlist = blue default
selected_playlist = black default bold
file = blue default
selected_file = black default bold
marked_file = red default bold
marked_selected_file = black default bold
info = blue default
status = black default
title = blue default
state = black default
current_time = black default
time_left = black default
total_time = black default
time_total_frames = black default
sound_parameters = black default
legend = black default
disabled = white default
enabled = black default
empty_mixer_bar = black default
filled_mixer_bar = black blue
empty_time_bar = black default
filled_time_bar = black blue
entry = black default
entry_title = blue default
error = blue default
message = black default
plist_time = black default

I tried yours, and it is really nice, even on bright terminals. Maybe I will give it a try for one week, to see whether this fits to my setting or not.

Thanks for posting