Problem playing very short WAV files

Hi, I'm trying to use MOC as a sample browser, unfortunately very short WAV files, like percussion hits, just create a kind of dull click sound - longer samples seem to work fine. I'm running Arch and installed MOC via pacman and copied the example config specifying ALSA as the only driver. I know ALSA is working correctly, using "aplay sample.wav" plays the WAV correctly.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Paul

I have today committed a patch for this problem: r2550.

The patch is more of a workaround. This is a bug in MOC but fixing it in the obvious way triggers several bugs in ALSA. While this solution is not ideal, it does seem to be the best one available.

See the commit log entry for r2550 for technical details.

This patch was subsequently amended by r2553 and r2556.