Trouble with Japanese text

Some Japanese text seems to be fine on mocp, which I think is the UTF-8 encoded
But other Japanese text is not displayed properly.

Is there a way to fix this?

MOC doesn't handle Unicode well. I plan to address that in release 2.6.

Oh okay... Any idea when will release 2.6 be out?

At the moment, I'm working hard to get release 2.5 out. It's not far off; weeks rather than months.
There are about eight items for release 2.6 which require a significant amount of work, and Unicode is one of those. It falls about the middle of the list.
My best guess for Unicode support would be the second half of 2013 (unless somebody gives me a TARDIS... Oh, how I'd love a TARDIS!).

Much thanks for developing moc! It is a great player!
I hope things go smoothly for you
I wish I could have lent you a TARDIS...but sadly even I don't possess it!