Regressions in mocp layout

It seems to me, that since the last update on arch linux(we're currently at:

$ mocp -V

This is : Music On Console
Version : 2.5.0-alpha4
Built : Oct 1 2012 18:41:48
Compiled with : OSS ALSA JACK internet streams resample
Author : Damian Pietras
Homepage :
E-Mail :
Copyright : (C) 2003-2011 Damian Pietras and others
License : GNU General Public License, version 2 or later

there has been a regression in the way mocp handles small screen sizes. Now it seems to require a larger terminal than before, and when the screen size decreases it often crashes with:

FATAL_ERROR: Layout1 is malformed!

Not sure what has changed.


As far as I can see nothing has changed in this area of MOC in over a year.

You may have to provide more clues such as your actual 'Layout1' option setting, the screen size below which MOC complains and the last few lines of the 'mocp_client_log' file (obtained by using the '-D' option on the 'mocp' command).

Nothing further has been heard on this problem. Assumed fixed by user.