Native Opus decoder plugin (patch)


Since r2482 MOC supports Opus decoding via FFmpeg/LibAV library. Some time ago I tried to implement native libopusfile decoder for MOC based on existing Vorbis decoder. To build it, you need libopus, libopusfile and libogg. The code includes contributions also by JCF and Gregory Maxwell from

The code will probably be included in moc-2.6, but if someone wants to test it, I'm posting a patch now.

The patch should work either against moc-2.5.0-beta1 or current SVN code. After applying the patch you need to rerun "autoreconf" to update configure script.

If you combine this patch with Audio engine update (patch), Opus decoder will also support float decoding. Otherwise, standard fixed point decoder will be used.

Patch file: (4kB)