Hi everybody,

I was using and loving MOC on Linux, then I moved to OS X and waited for years for a MOC formula for Homebrew. I finally decided to compile it and install it from source, and I managed to do so!

I created a Gist on Github with the steps I took to install MOC on OS X. I installed MOC on Mountain Lion, so I don't know if it's going to work in previous versions:


Aziz Light

Thanks for taking the time to document your process, AzizLight. It's a comprehensive and well-structured piece of work.

BerkeleyDB is listed in the README as 'libdb'.

You don't mention the reason why MOC won't work with FFmpeg on OS X -- perhaps you could let me know if it's something fixable from within MOC. But rather than removing the FFmpeg package, a less heavy-handed approach might be to just disable it using the MOC configure option --without-ffmpeg; there may be other packages installed on the users system which still require it.

It's was really a fun experiment to install MOC from source, and to be honest I feel proud of myself :-P

Also, thanks a lot for the tip on the --without-ffmpeg option; I've updated the Gist.

Finally, I created an Alfred Workflow for MOC, see the end of the Gist if you're interested :-)

As for the reason why FFmpeg makes MOC crash, I sincerely don't remember, and I don't want to reinstall FFmpeg to check it out now that I have a working setup. Sorry :-(

perfect job! thx