ffmpeg plugin streaming and quvi URL parsing


These two patches give moc the ability to play internet streams with the ffmpeg decoder plugin and the ability to automagically play URLs of the form http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(id) (and anything libquvi understands).


The quvi patch works only with quvi version 0.4.* (for now).

I might look into giving moc proper stream pausing at some point.

Thanks for this contribution, "jy2wong". Making FFmpeg available to streams was one item on the list which I can now cross off.

I know nothing about quvi so shall have to check it out.

Thank you, jy2wong.

I've just packaged MOC with these new features ( package).
Although MOC+quvi worked sometimes, often it doesn't work with YouTube URLs with "FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED" error; I don't know if it's related to quvi or FFmpeg available in Fedora.

Also, with same bad (most) URLs from YouTube, 'quvi' tool gives me an error like that:

$ quvi "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlt5Wa13fFU"
:: Check for URL redirection ...done.
:: Fetch config ...done.
:: Verify media URL ...error: server response code 403 (conncode=0)

It's an error of quvi (v0.4) 'verify' feature that can be bypassed by disabling the URL verify. Maybe it must be verified if this hitch can obstruct MOC in some way.

The first of the patches submitted by "jy2wong" has now been committed to SVN as r2877. This means that MOC can now play Internet streamed audio using the FFmpeg decoder.