A Disappointing Month

I had set myself the goal of getting MOC 2.5-beta2 out during the month of September, but despite my best intentions real world concerns have managed to interfere once again with the MOC Master Plan.

We really need to get MOC 2.5.0 out because it will form a stable base from which MOC can move forward. Once it is, the various contributions which have been on hold for what seems like forever can be merged into the code base and made publicly available. Then there are a number of mechanisms which need to be put in place to support upcoming new features. Finally, we can start introducing that new functionality.

I'm really looking forward to that new work, and it's frustrating not to be able to get on to it. Not only is it more rewarding to work on than bug fixing, but it also addresses a lot of those odds and ends that people have asked for over the years and provides some much improved capabilities for MOC users.

It may not appear that much effort is going into MOC any more, but that's far from the truth and there is much going on which isn't publicly visible. Many of those new features are well advanced but there's still a lot left to be done.

MOC does have a future, but it's a small team and there are many demands on the time of its members. Some weeks MOC gets a lot of attention, other weeks... not so much.