new feature: "send to usbdrive" ?


first of all: Thank you for this great piece of software. For my mp3s, i built a custom player "around" moc in an stylish old Grundig television and it works like a charm. Maybe I'll send a few photos for inspiration...

I miss one feature: Having a shortcut to copy a higlighted file or folder instantly to a mounted external mp3 player (= usb drive). A little progress indicator would be also great because I've only a USB1.1 external mp3 player

Any comments ?


It would be great to see the photos :)

The feature you mentioned is on the TODO list for 2.4, it will be available in 2.4.0-beta1 (next development release).
It's not exactly what you want, but a more general mechanism (Short cut to execute a command in the roadmap).

Damian Pietras - MOC developer