wmmoc - WindowMaker moc control applet

Today I wrote this nice applet based upon wmxmms. It's just slightly modyfied wmmutton (http://dockapps.org/file.php/id/241 , project's homepage is 404). Applet uses mocp command line options so it's functionality is limited - if I have more free time maybe I'll try to write applet communicating with server using normal IPC not command line. Look'n'feel of applet is rather poor due to my poor ability to use gimp (; I'm waiting for comments / suggestions!
You can download it here http://www.icpnet.pl/~benetnash/projekty/wmmoc.tar.bz2
Janek 'benentash' Polak

I can't try it because I'm not using WindowMaker, but I belive it's cool :).

I don't recomment using IPC, it wasn't designed to be used by other applications. If you need more features with command line options, just say, I could make it when I have free time.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I'm using Wmaker and dockapp working good. I'm wote for many buttons like shufle, repeat.