MOC 2.5.2 and 2.6-alpha3 Released

The last month can be described as nothing less than victorious for MOC.

The infamous stuttering problem which makes long-playing audio sound like a broken record under some circumstances has finally been traced to ALSA's dmix component. So the circumvention for the ALSA stutter bug has been included in both the latest 2.5.2 maintenance and 2.6-alpha3 development releases which are now available.

One Small Step For MOC Stable, One Giant Leap For MOC Devel

Most MOC users have not heard much from the top floor of MOC Corporate Headquarters during the past eighteen months. There were some activities planned for 2015 which would have taken the focus off MOC development for a month or two, but as things unfolded it turned out to be an annus horribilis -- a truely terrible year in which even those planned activities had to be sacrificed. However, development is underway again and today we have two release announcements to make.

Should MOC Continue To Support OpenBSD?

I've been working recently on bringing MOC up to the currently common C99 and POSIX.1-2001 standards. However, the road block I keep running into is with OpenBSD... do we continue to support it?

The Road Ahead

Happy Tenth Anniversary, MOC!

Yes, folks, MOC is ten years old today. Well, it's the tenth anniversary of the first commit into SVN anyway, but the first official release of MOC which I can find predates that by some two years.

With MOC 2.5.0 finally having been released and MOC 2.6 now underway, it seems like a good time to take a look back at where we've been and a look forwards to let people know how I see MOC development unfolding from here.

MOC 2.6-alpha1 Released

After a week of celebration and festivities throughout MOCdom at the release of MOC 2.5.0, today we deliver MOC 2.6-alpha1! But don't get too excited; this release doesn't contain any bug fixes or new features.

MOC 2.5.0 Released

It is said that the longest journey begins with the first step, but it also ends with the last step and this is the last step on what has been a very long journey indeed.

Well, finally, it's here! MOC 2.5.0, the stable version of the MOC 2.5 release series, "Consolidation".

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Those of you who have been watching the SVN HEAD might have had the feeling that not much has been happening over the past six months. But over that period many, many hours have been spent interrogating under bright lights those historical bugs which remained in order to fix as many of them as possible before the release of MOC 2.5.0.

How to Report Bugs Effectively

I'll be having more to say on what I would like to see in MOC bug reports after version 2.5 is out and I have more time to do so, but I recently reread an essay by Simon Tatham and it agrees with much of what I would have to say.


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