Shuffle folders

Hi to all.

I want to use mocp for a new project and the goal is to keep playing music all the time over a raspberrypi, i already installed and try it and its great.
The problem i have is to make shuffle from different folders, i mean i have to play 3 songs from folder ROCK and after 1 song from JAZZ and later again other different 3 songs from rock and keep this cicle.

Can i do this with mocp? i miss something or could you advice me some way.

Thanks !

That's really sophisticated task you want to achieve :) I don't think you can do it inside MOC. You should probably some external script that would either prepare pre-shuffled playlist or have some script that would control MOC (eg. executed via OnSongChange config option).

Of course if getting exactly 3 songs from one directory after 1 from the other in sequence is not crutial, you could just create a playlist with 3 times more songs from one directory than the other and trust the random numbers to even it up ;)

Hi thanks for the coment. I just making a script outside of moc to manage the playlist.

Anybody knows if its a way to avoid or turn off MOC sort the playlist. The only config value for Sort directive in configfile is Filename ???

I already make a bash to random the song dirs from folders and creating a .m3u playlist but moc makes the sort and break all :p

When i add the playlist from console with mocp -a playlist.m3u moc sort by filename , but with display of mocp , highlight and enter to the file playlist its ok with the right order i created in the file.

I answer to my self to keep the post update. I download de code and erase the sort function from playlist.c and all the references in others files.
And after compiled work well without sorting.

Thanks for the app.