theme 4 ShowTime=yes ?

is it possible to change font-style of the ShowTime (the time (and file-type) shown besides the track listings in file or playlist panel)?

using moc on rxvt-unicode-256color fiddling with themes …
i also use some solarized themed .Xresources on rxvt
resulting in some kind of blue in blue ShowTime display (therefore invisible on non selected tracks)

it seems to me that i tried already quite all combinations on the *_themes
(same problem on all of them standard ones)

where is this track-time/ file-type style set anyway?

thx for any hints!

Is it possible to change font-style of the ShowTime?

Sorry, MOC themes only deal with colour, not font style. But you can use additional colour attributes (see the example_theme file comments for details).

Where is this track-time/file-type style set anyway?

In the '*info' lines of the theme file you are using.