Jukebox like behavior

i would want to change behavior of mocp to be more like jukebox at my bar.

it would look somethink like this:
- playlist is empty
- the songs are randomly selected from the directory window (it would be cool if it would use the path form music dir recursively)
- user selects a song and adds it to the playlist pressing a or return in this usecase
- songs gets added to the playlist and overrides current playing one.
- after the song is played it is deleted from the playlist
- plays the next song in the playlist
- if there is no song chooses randomly

could you show me where i should look in the code to get such behavior?

thanks, schef

Not sure if I fully understand the problem, but wouldn't it be solved just by putting all your songs into the playlist with shuffle enabled and using queue feature (key 'z') to select songs?