CPU Utilisation

First of all: I've recently found this player and can say that's just what I need! But... I think the CPU utilisation still can be improved. I know that's not so important nowadays with all our modern computers, but we (I hope) would like to see _really_ perfect applications! Why I think so? As an example: mplayer can play the same content from console and uses 2-5 times less CPU then moc!

1. Mplayer doesn't have user interface.
2. You are right, there is no need for that nowadays, MOC can play on pentium200MMX fine, so why?
3. There is not really much to do here, because MOC uses external libraries for decoding and they do 95% of the job - playing a vorbis file using ogg123 and MOC gives almost equal CPU usage.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

That was quick! Thanx for the explanations. I thought moc has own decoder, but it uses libmad/libogg... Didn't read README, sorry.