view doesn't follow the playlist


When I open MOC with the shuffle function turned on and add a large playlist, and starts playback it will jump trought the various files in the playlist. And the playlist view will follow this jumping around, so I can always see the song being played on the playlist somewhere on the view.

However, if close moc using q, so it will continue playback, and then open it again, the view will not jump around when the song changes. It will just always display the top of the playlist, regardless of which file is being played, unless I scroll down manually.

Is there a way to fix this?

Not a simple patch, but try this:
Apply with patch -p0 < FILE

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Thanks, it seems to work, it now jumps to the correct place on song change.
Just one minor problem: it jumps to the correct position on song change, but you don't always want to wait for a song change to have it jump to the correct place, it should also jump to the correct place when you open up the UI.