MOC on Nokia N800

Ivan Tsvetanov send me an email saying that he has successfully run MOC in Nokia N800 tablet. He wrote:

I've been using moc for almost an year. It's the perfect solution for
me. But since a week I made it move around the world, and mainly in my
pocket :)
I've compiled the moc sources, libmad, libid3tag under Maemo SDK
Platform and installed it to my own Internet Tablet Nokia N800. It's
great. It runs Linux. It makes me happy. I want to make you know about
that you could post the picture somewhere, that your player is portable,
and usable and nice even on the Linux OS in my pocket!
Here you can see a snapshot

I heard MOC can also be used on PlayStation 2 and some other tablets. If you run MOC on some interesting/strange hardware, let us know :)