Requesting Theme Help

Hello, I'm trying to create a theme that matches the rest of my system, and I'm close to done, but there's one thing bothering me: the background of the "info" field for the track that is currently playing.


As you can see, it is blue, which I do not want. This color seems to correspond with the "urxvt*color10: #5B75AF" line in my .Xdefaults governing the colors of my terminals, but I am trying to keep this color to use as one of my $PS1 colors. I like that the currently playing track's text is in that color, and I would like to keep it that way.

I've tried changing the 'info' and 'marked file' fields in my theme file. Nothing changes this. Ideally, I'd like it to be transparent like the window background. My theme file is posted below. Any hints? Thanks.

background = default default
frame = black default
window_title = white default
directory = white default bold
selected_directory = white black bold
playlist = white default bold
selected_playlist = white black bold
file = white default
selected_file = white black
marked_file = blue default
marked_selected_file = blue black
info = black default bold
status = black default
title = black default bold
state = white default bold
current_time = white default bold
time_left = white default bold
total_time = white default bold
time_total_frames = black default
sound_parameters = black default bold
legend = black default bold
disabled = black default
enabled = black default bold
empty_mixer_bar = black default
filled_mixer_bar = black black bold
empty_time_bar = white default
filled_time_bar = black black bold
entry = white default
entry_title = black default
error = red default bold
message = black default bold
plist_time = black default bold

I have no solutions for you, I've never played with terminal colors much. Only two hints, hopefully useful:
- The theme field for this element is "info", "marked file" is not what you are looking for.
- On my Konsole terminal "black default bold" works as expected.
- Another option worth playing with would be "colordef COLOR = RED GREEEN BLUE" (see example theme), maybe you could make it somehow better.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Thanks for the rapid response. With COLORDEF I was able to change the assigned "blue" color value, but was unable to make the color transparent. I set it to black and called it a day.I find it to be an acceptable means to show the currently playing file, so I'm not upset and will keep it. Great program you have here!


colordef blue = 0 0 0<br /> background = default default<br /> frame = black default<br /> window_title = white default<br /> directory = white default bold<br /> selected_directory = white black bold<br /> playlist = white default bold<br /> selected_playlist = white black bold<br /> file = white default<br /> selected_file = white black<br /> marked_file = white default bold<br /> marked_selected_file = white black bold<br /> info = black default bold<br /> status = black default bold<br /> title = white default<br /> state = black default bold<br /> current_time = white default<br /> time_left = white default<br /> total_time = white default<br /> time_total_frames = black default<br /> sound_parameters = black default bold<br /> legend = black default bold<br /> disabled = black default<br /> enabled = black default bold<br /> empty_mixer_bar = black default<br /> filled_mixer_bar = black black bold<br /> empty_time_bar = white default<br /> filled_time_bar = black black bold<br /> entry = white default<br /> entry_title = white default bold<br /> error = red default bold<br /> message = white default<br />