MOC 2.2.0-beta1 is here. Beta means that all features planned for 2.2.0 are implemented, and there are only bugs to hunt. Please test it, by sending bug reports you will help me make the final 2.2.0 release sooner. Changes from alpha3 are:

  • Synchronizing the playlist between clients (interface instances).
  • True shuffle, not a random item from the playlist.
  • Fast, silent seeking ('[' and ']' keys).
  • iconv() (character set conversion) for file names.
  • END and HOME keys working in the i command entry (go to a directory).
  • Synchronizing adding/deleting items from the playlist with the server's playlist.
  • Faster operations on big playlists.
  • Fixed saving playlist when more than one client wants to do this.
  • Fixed recursive adding file to the playlist if some directory can't be read.
  • Checking modification time of the currently played file when getting the time.
  • Checking for wrong redefinitions of keys.