How to really use iconv in MOC config file?

Hi to All.

In moc's config file, that lays in ~/.moc directory I see the following setting-comment:

# Perform character set conversion using iconv() to tags and file names
# read from playlist files. This option has format: FROM:TO.
# To get list of supported sets use the iconv -l command.

I try to use:
iconv() CP-1251:UTF-8

But all attempts has one result:
FATAL_ERROR: Error in config file, line 125.

Can anybody explain, how to use this option?

I took a quick look at the source:
It seems once two options existed: 'TagsIconv' and 'FileNamesIconv'.
They don't exists anymore and are marked as deprecated.

I guess that comment in the config file has just been forgotten to be taken out.

Yes, this option no longer exists. You can use ID3v1TagsEncoding or librcc instead.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer