Crossfade between tracks


I'm looking for a CLI player that can cross fade between two tracks. Is this possible with MOC? The docs, change logs and --help appear to contradict each other on this.

I know the -x switch toggles the mixer channel, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get MOC to mix multiple inputs (or if it can). Happy to dust off my c skills, if it's relatively trivial, but otherwise I may as well use mpg123 as that can run multiple instances and I should be able to script a fade between the them.



MOC can connect to something like Liquidsoap, which would deal with cross fading and mixing and all manor of other goodies.. It would send the metadata back to MOC as if you were playing seperate files.

MOC is a great player and pls management system so you could manage your MOC playlist, inform liquidsoap about it then connect to liquid with MOC.. totally awesome if thats what you want...

I just dont want to see mocp get to fat.. keep that slim fast handy!!!


Wow - don't know how I missed LiquidSoap - looks very capable. Spent about 5 hours yesterday trying to compile it, messing around with all the CAML dependancies etc but to no avail.

That combined with the fact it looks like overkill for what I wanted to do, I've decided I'll just to to hack MOC/mpg123. Perhaps I'll return to it when I have more time.

Thanks anyway.

hey asp.. If you are sucessfull post/submit your results+patchs :) I'm sure others may like the feature ... I kinda did forget I used packages/ubuntu in order get to play with liquidsoap! I can imagine building it is a pain in the back end.. did you visit #savonet on they are usually more then willing to help people building from source.

Hi, I would like to know how Liquidsoap and Moc work together but I can't find info about this, do you know where can I find something?