"No decoder plugins have been loaded!"

Hey everyone!
I get this error:
$ mocp

FATAL_ERROR: No decoder plugins have been loaded!

I read the manual page and decided to use -D to find out where is the error:
$ mocp -D
Loading plugins from /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins...

FATAL_ERROR: No decoder plugins have been loaded!

There really is NO decoder plugins in /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins
But there ARE in /usr/lib/moc/decoder_plugins

I couldn't fix the path error by myself, for I do not know much and couldn't find where it is defined, Could you help me?

There's one thing - I've installed moc from the repository. I have Ubuntu Studio 8.04.
I'll solve the problem by installing moc from source.

I am having the same problem.
I am trying to compile and install the alpha.2.5.0 version of moc and although everything is done ok, when i run the mocp i get this error prompt.
Does anyone knows how to install the decoder plugins needed by moc in order to function properly?

Make a symlink between the two directories
sudo ln /usr/lib/moc/decoder_puglins/l* /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins/

Not solved,

i managed to install the vorbis, flac and mp3 decoders and the network stream, but the aac decoder (faad2) cannot be installed :-(
I defenately need the aac decoder... My distro is CentOS 5 and the file that i download to install the faad2 is the faad2-2.6.1.tar.gz.

Any suggestions?

Try using the latest SVN version. There are fixes for the AAC plugin for newer libfaad.

You probably have more than one copy of mocp binary installed, like one in /usr/bin and another one in /usr/local/bin. It happens when you install MOC from source but also have a package version.