MOC 2.5.0-alpha4 released

Here is another alpha release: 2.5.0-alpha4. It has numerous improvements and bug fixes comparing to the previous unstable version released one and a half year ago. As you can see from the changelog most changes were made by contributors, not me. You can see there most of the patches posted/mentioned on the forum. There is the play queue, lyrics displaying, the equalizer and more.

There are also some fixes in this release that are not present in the stable version, I hope to find time to merge them soon.


  • Tags cache using BerkeleyDB for better perfomance, reliability and smaller memory usage.
  • Play queue. (Martin Milata)
  • Display lyrics saved in files together with music. Press L to try it. (Géraud Le Falher)
  • Parametric equalizer and mono-mixing, see README_equalizer. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Keys to mark fragment of a file while it's playing using (default ' and "). The positions in seconds can be passed as arguments via ExecCommandX as %S and %E. (John Fitzgerald )
  • Add check for newer faad2-library (AAC). (Hendrik Iben)
  • Allows to use the OSSv4 per-application mixer API (supported by 4Front reference OSS implementation, and by FreeBSD-current). (thotypous)
  • Allow the use of FormatString tags in --format arguments. (Reuben Thomas)
  • Add -j (--jump N{%,,s}) command line option to jump to some position in the current track. (Nuno Cardoso)
  • Add the following options: EnforceTagsEncoding (assume, that if encoding of id3v2 is set to ISO-8859-1, then it is actually ID3v1TagsEncoding), FileNamesIconv (conversion of filenames from local encoding to UTF8), NonUTFXterm (conversion of xterm title from UTF8 to local encoding). (Aleks Sherikov)
  • Add .oga extension to formats supported by the vorbis plugin.
  • When maging item visible (for example, after pressing "next"), scroll it to the middle. (Daniel Kalør)
  • Allow seeking to beginning of a file in vorbis/flac. (Daniel Kalør)
  • Fix the symbol for "kilo", use "k" (lowercase). (Daniel Kalør)
  • Don't run the server if the user doesn't really want to do that when using few commands from command line like --info. (Reuben Thomas)
  • Fix race condition when waiting for the end of a file playback. Fixes freez on song changes.
  • Change minimum screen height to 7 lines. (Tero Marttila).
  • Add '--without-alsa' and '--without-oss' options to configure. (John Fitzgerald)
  • Queue messages for display in the client's message area. (John Fitzgerald)


For whatever it's worth, thanks to all of those who brought us this release. When I have some free time, I'm hoping to work on some of those TODOs myself.



moc doesn't display tags with special chars well; id3v2 -l shows:
TPE1 (Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)): Röyksopp
but mocp -Q %artist shows:

My locale is en_US.UTF-8, and I've got 2.5.0-alpha3 (Debian Stable). The file has only id3v2 tags.
Will upgrading to alpha4 fix this? It's not compiling for me and I don't want to bother if it won't fix the issue.

value >= 0 && value <= 100
Think more than 100 =) This trouble in ncurses interface older than some linux distrs)

I use mocp on my home freebsd server. I'd like to write a web interface to control the player with the CGI, but I am missing a few arguments for mocp client.
For example, not enough keys for enable/disable repeat and shuffle. I would also like to see the key to display the playlist in the console, without using the GUI.
I would be happy to see these options in the next stable version of the player.

Sorry for the bad English :(

I can guaranty that you won't see these in the next stable release
because we're almost there. However, there are plans to address
many (but not all) of your needs in the 2.6 release: more keys
doing more things. And although it's still some way off, the 2.9
release will also help.

Time is always the problem.