How to enable equalizer?

I read README, and tried E, but it always stay off. I wonder do I have to compile it in a special way to enable it?
Thank you!

Maybe you need to download presets. I have got the same problem. After install presets. All is ok)

sry if im acting like a newbie,,but i am a newbie to moc.
after i download the preset where do i put them..o.o

I guess this should be made more clear in the readme. You can find this information under '3. Preset format'. Just put the presets in $HOME/.moc/eqsets and you are setup.

By the way (for all that read this post): I wrote the eq code and use it all the time (would not want to live without it) but I never got any feedback on it. If you find anything odd, please tell me.

If you can manually configure the equalizer that would be cool!

anyways thank you for sharing this equalizer! it working...thank you!


nevermind, I misunderstood some things about the equalizer. I expected it to have a visual representation...


I have created the $HOME/.moc/eqstats folder and moved a simple file called equalizer containing the most simple example from the README_equializer file (0 1.4)

But hitting E,k or K does not make the equalizer work. I always receive "EQ set to: off"...My moc is the current alpha version compiled with nearly every flag.

What else can I do to improve my sound experience with moc? Is it also possible, if this finally works, to adjust the bass? Are there any presets available for moc?

Thanks for helping!


ahhh, I found some hidden on this webpage. pretty well done mate!!! unfortunatelly these presets decrease the volume a lot, but this should be easy to change...or is it more complex?


Awesome! playing around with these presets makes the sound experience nearly unforgettable. never had this much bass with moc! Thanks for this feature!!!!!!

Hi guys
@linux-ka: can you please share your equalizer presets? Thanks.

MOC rulez!