lenoch's tiny patches

Hi daper,

I ran into an "common.c:57 fatal(): FATAL ERROR: Bad whence value: -1225471296" error. It is caused by an incorrect order of parameters passed to io_seek() in mp3.c.
When I'm at posting patches, here is a fix along with a couple of other one-liners (against the latest rev. 2239): http://www.fi.muni.cz/~xsvobo15/lenoch.zip
The patch changes some files' encoding from ISO-8859-2 to UTF-8 (I think that's desired), contains typo fixes in comments and a fix for a warning in ffmpeg.c.

Thanks, please tell me you full name for the changelog (or you prefer your nick?).

Hi, you can mention me as Ondřej Svoboda there :-)

Your patches are applied, thanks.

I've got a new (usability) patch :-)
It makes MOC scroll by one page in help/lyrics screen when page up/page down key is pressed, not just a line.
It is made for rev. 2245 and is available at http://www.fi.muni.cz/~xsvobo15/moc_page_up_down.diff
PS: You can notice a little code duplication in the lyrics part - formatting it for just counting lines. To solve this, I suggest keeping formatted lyrics in a global variable.