Going to the next song in the ncurses interface: A thought experiment.

Right, so I have no bloody idea how to skip to the next song in the MoC client. Stupid, I know, right? I do know that it's none of the obvious choices: Right, Up, Shift + either of the preceding, Ctrl + either of the preceding or Alt + either of the preceding. It is also not Shift + N or Ctrl + N. It is N, which was the ninth or so thing I tried. I'm okay with that. I wouldn't have guessed it at first, though. I can imagine someone not immediately guessing it. Right? I can imagine someone getting frustrated, too.

But, I mean, it's not in the man page. It's not in the online README under Documentation, either. It's not even in the -info- page, which I resort to only when I'm desperate. So I'm curious:

Without guessing, and without bothering someone on IRC, what rational sequence of actions would a user take to find out what key goes to the next song? Looking in the man page won't work, looking in the online documentation (all of it, even!) won't work, so... what's a rational person to do? I mean, assuming someone will be able to guess your keybindings is not often considered a great approach to user interfaces.

Other than that, nice job, devs, it works great.

I always have trouble remembering the less-used commands in mocp's curses interface, but luckily there is the command '?' (question mark). And there, on the 10th line or so, it is:
n Play next file
b Play previous file

press "h" within moc and you'll see all commands :)

h as in help !