FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver

ok firstly im a bit of a noob ive not been using linux long anyway ive had moc about a month now and its great but due to a few problems with my system i had to remove it anyway i complied it the other day and everything seemd to work ok at first but when i loaded moc all i get is FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver at the moment its set to run of alsa becasuse i have that set up to dmix ive tried it off over sound drivers with the same results. any ideas thanks

ok yeah ive fixed that now but ive got a new problem moc cant see any of my music files it can find the dirctroys ok but not the files

It seems it's compiled without support for any audio format. I gues that when you compiled it you didn't have -debv packages for mad, libitd3tag, libvorbis etc. The list of plugins to be build is displayed at the end of ./configure.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

hay thanks thats worked :D and i can now veiw the files but i yet agian have issues with the sound drivers when i ALSA which i used to use for moc and installed the dmix plugin for no longer loads with moc i get
FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver
everytime OSS loads but doesnt play the file and null loads but it fails to make any sound when you play the file

oh ok it may be because of this when i looked at the code from when i compiled moc it said

MOC will be compiled with:
MP3: yes
OGG: no
FLAC: no
OSS: yes
ALSA: no
DEBUG: yes
ICONV: yes

now how do i make it so that it is compiled with ALSA thanks

It's also caused by lack of a -dev packed, search for something like libalsa-dev in your distribution.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

thanks so much its all working great agian :D:D:D