Hi, i know this is on the wishlist already but would it be possible to push this forward?
It is like the only thing that is stopping me from regulary using moc.
Even if it is a simple equalizer that can only be configured by values in a text file, i wouldn't mind.
moc is awesome otherwise!
Keep it rockin, \m/


I'm sorry, but not in the next release. If someone writes the code it is possible, but currently 2.4 is already delayed more than I wanted.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Just for the record, I'd like to show my support for this feature. I'm unfortunately not a good or knowledgeable coder enough to implement it, but I think it is an important feature for MOC to have.

In many systems, sound sounds (duh!) too distorted without equalization.

Alternatively, this could also be interesting:

I'm not too sure it'd be nice to have MOC equalization dependant on another, external program, though. Perhaps, if it is not too hard, one could just steal code from some already existing equalizer and merge it into MOC.

Hi, I add my vote to Moc equalizer! If it is possible, please create an own equalizer, and not use any external eq progs.

Wait for PulseAudio support. Using module-ladspa-sink with mbeq plugin gives you equalizer.

any progress with this task?