A few feature requests

1) Utilize mouse functions.

It would be nice if one could click on the time bar to select track location. Instead of having the hold the arrow keys down, to just click on the time bar would make skipping parts of long tracks easier.

This could also allow for clicking the track for automatic playback instead of having to use the keyboard all the time.

2) Progressive track scrubbing.

The longer one holds left or right to scrub the track, the faster it will scrub. If the mouse functions can't be included, this is the next best thing. It is the same thing that the Rockbox firmware has. When you scrub a track, it advances at a predefined rate. The longer you hold the button down, the greater the rate.

3) Allow for basic file management and id3 tagging.

Include sub windows that would display information about the file and allow you to edit the id3 tags. Also include a basic copy/paste/move feature to allow for file management.