brltty compatibility

A screenreader like brltty follows the cursor. You must imagine that a blind person reads for example 80 characters - one line with a special hardware. Following the cursor is very useful but does not work in moc because of updates to the status line. Is it possible to disable the statusline or even better: The aim is that the cursor must stay at the highlighted file if i move the cursor. So it would be great to have a parameter which controls the time which must elapse bevor the statuslines are refreshed again.

I need a moc option for example

--movementdelaysstatus 10

This option should delay the refresh of the statusbars for 10 seconds if
the last action was moving the cursor (cursor keys, tab or pressing
The reasons is: Braille hardware shows the text at
the actual cursor position. If the status at the bottom is refreshed all
the time (text is drawn at other places) he can't read the filenames.

Thanks, qwertologe. That clarifies the requirement.

I can understand the importance of this to MOC's usability
for you and others so will add it to my TODO list.

The existing configuration option 'UseCursorSelection' resolves
this issue (at least for the braille reader being used in this case).