S24_3LE support in MOC?

I'm currently running Voyage Linux on a 500Mhz Geode headless server. The external USB DAC is an Ayre QB-9 that will play 24bit files upto 192Khz sampling rates. Currently, MPD does support S24_3LE and I can use hw:0,0 in my ALSA output.

I get a fatal error in MOC when using hw;0,0, though plughw:0,0 works just fine. Does MOC support S24_LE 24bit format?

Hi, I never looked at this part of the program, but from the sources it seems indeed moc does not support 24 bit natively, but instead will use 32 bit samples. If your soundcard does not support 32 bit, plughw should just downconvert to 24 bit again without any quality loss. Any reason you don't want to use plughw as device?

I forgot to remark here that this problem may be solved by patch described here http://moc.daper.net/node/901