After the break - long awaited WMA support.

I had a two months break from MOC, but I'm back. Yesterday I've finished (almost) UTF-8 support, this was harder than I expected and not everything is working properly.

There is also a good news for those who wanted WMA in MOC. I've just done it. The plugin is called ffmpeg and as the name suggests it uses FFmpeg, so not only WMA is supported, but also RealAudio (.ra files) and other formats handled by this library can be played just by adding their file extensions to the list. Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks. Seeking doesn't work and I don't know why, it also doesn't work with ffplay, so this could be an ffmpeg problem. Personally, I don't use WMA, so I will not test it much. Any comments are welcome.

2.4.0-alpha2 will be released soon, if you want to test new features now, use SVN source.


Seeking within the limitations of the FFmpeg libraries has been
implemented and commited to SVN as r2406.