Compiling MOC mp3 decoder plugins on CentOS 6


i couldn't find any solution yet.
I'm compiling MOC under CentOS 6. I did install the gstreamer-plugin-ugly package and I do have mp3 running with other applications (mpd/sonata and vlc).
So I am pretty sure that the libs are there. My guess is, that moc looks for the mp3 libs in places that they actually aren't.
Would anyone know just which libs exactly moc will search for and how i can find out whether they're installed on my system and how i might point moc's "configure"script to the right places?


you should check if you got the libmad package installed. do a "find / -iname \*libmad\*" from your terminal. if it says it found the libmad libraries in /usr/lib (which is likely) you should pass the "--with-mp3" parameter to the configure script and it should find them. if the find command does not yield any files found with the ".so" extension you should install the libmad package first. you should be able to install libmad using your graphical package manager or do a "apt-get install libmad" or "yum install libmad" from the command line.

Hi and thanks a lot. In fact I was too stupid to find out about the --with-mp3 option :-(
So I apolpgize for asking stupidly. Installing libmad-dev and adding --with-mp3 to the configure line did the job.
I've compiled mocp at some other time before but couldn't remember that one, so that was kind of a blind spot. Thanks again for your help.