OSX installation


I ran MOC when I was using linux. It was brilliant and simple. I am currently using a macbook w/ 10.6.8. Any chance installing MOC is possible? I had MOC running on a PPC powerbook g4 a few years ago via Darwinports (see: http://moc.daper.net/node/301 ) but that doesnt seem to exist anymore.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Using macports, I get this error after installing a few dependencies:

Bleggy:~ bleggy$ sudo port install moc
---> Computing dependencies for moc
---> Building moc
Error: org.macports.build for port moc returned: command execution failed
Please see the log file for port moc for details:
To report a bug, follow the instructions in the guide:
Error: Processing of port moc failed

There's no information here that I can use. I'm not a OSX user but look first at the indicated log file as it might help.

If what you're doing is installing a prebuilt MOC then I'd suggest reporting it to the package builder would be the first step. If you're building from source then sending that main.log (gzipped) to mocmaint might give us some clues.

Here is the log file: http://pastebin.com/RaYpYwDh

Not sure what I'm looking at.

I'll contact the package builder. Thanks.

It appears this install script is attempting to build MOC 2.4.4 against FFmpeg 1.0. Both MOC and FFmpeg have moved a long way forward since MOC 2.4.4 was released, and a lot of work has gone into reconciling the MOC FFmpeg decoder against the various versions of the FFmpeg library API. It's pretty much a given that a version of MOC that old will not build against a version of FFmpeg that recent. Certainly some of the errors I recognise as having been resolved.

I'd suggest the OSX MOC package builders upgrade MOC on OSX to version 2.5.0-beta1. Although it is a beta, it will still be more stable than the previous stable version.

I don't know macports, but maybe you can ask it to build without ffmpeg plugin? You would lose some audio formats, but at least it would build.

looks like macports wont update until 2.5.0 stable

I've had a look at the macport's Portfile for MOC and it might be possible for you to modify it for 2.5.0-beta1 and build MOC using that. I'm assuming the source tarball gets downloaded from a macports repository somewhere - is it possible to specify from where the source tarball should be obtained?

Alternatively, as "tomaszg" suggested, build with the "--without-ffmpeg" option by adding it to the "configure.args" stanza of Portfile or directly when you invoke the build (if that's possible).

Otherwise it might just be a matter of waiting for 2.5.0 stable to come out. In the run up to Christmas we've got a bit bogged down and still have some curly problems to debug remotely (which is always time consuming), but we are still working on getting it out as soon as we can.

Did you get any answer from the package mantainer? I have the same problem.