Small terminal display --> Fatal Error

i really love MOC.

Thats why i would like to start it on my symbian handy (Nokia E61i) via putty on my family computer.
But it terminates with the fatal error "FATAL_ERROR:" "The terminal is too small after resizeing."

I tried to change the sourcecode and recompile but still the same error.

/* End the program if the terminal is too small. */
static void check_term_size ()

if (COLS < 72 || LINES < 7)
interface_fatal ("The terminal is too small after resizeing.");

I would need the COLS something like 50. That should be enough for directories and MP3 Tags.
Or is the 72 an absolutly must?

Thanks for response

The limit on the width comes from the status window (the bottom of the screen) when you can see repeat, shuffle, etc indicators. If you want to run MOC on a smaller terminal you should first remove or them or make them shorter (like [S] instead of [SHUFFLE]).

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Hello Damian, I compiled right now v 2.5.0-alpha3 :)
found it running now also working PERFECT with the small display of my telephone!
WOOOOOOHA that is so cool - better than every remote control of the world.

Thanks so much!