resampling not supported...

what exactly does this mean? I know its a setup issue somewhere, because I've had the same version of MOC running on the exact same hardware before. I use resampling (set in config file) to make sure my digital output is at a sample rate my amplifier understands. Having just installed gentoo, and installed latest moc, I get this error. Its probably something wrong in the gentoo ebuild, but I thought I'd get some idea by asking here first.

hmm just turned off forcesamplerate in the config file and I still get the same error. sound driver issue?

ok ignore that, my user wasnt a member of the audio group! still get this when forcesamplerate is on though.

Having libsamplerate >= 0.1.0 should be enough.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

yeah it seems to be a problem with the gentoo ebuild not using libsamplerate unless its forced with USE="libsamplerate" when you 'emerge moc'.

well that just goes to show, that asking about things makes you think properly! I hadnt compiled it with libsamplerate had I? duh! silly, silly gentoo...