Navigation in the playlist


I would like to know I can start a chosen song in my playlist.

When I do mocp -p, moc start with the first song.
Can I start the fifth song?

mocp -p 5 ?

Thank you for your help.


there is only one way now asaik
mocp -p; mocp -f; sleep 1; mocp -f; sleep 1; mocp -f; sleep 1; mocp -f

lol. mocp -p 1513 ?
for i in `seq 1 1513` ;do mocp -f; done

as I wrote you must add 'sleep 1;' it is necessary to give MOC server time to change to next song, without this it will go only to second song

lol. it not seems to you, what it very slowly? it's better to add desirable to a code 8)

yes it is slow and it is good new feature which may be done sometime, but now it is only way

Thank Golemi.

Maybe a feature to add...:-)
I will try to make something in C# to drive mocp in the playlist.

@+ guy!