I love the player, and I'm using it exclusively, thanks a lot to Damian for developing that wonderwul piece of software. It's perfect.

Well, almost... ;)

I am not much of a programmer, but I think I can manage a simple GNOME applet to control the server - that's what I'm really missing, because I don't want to have a console dedicated to the player (it's a tad cumbersome to use), and I'd like to be able to just have a look at the applet and see what's playing, for how long, etc. I know there is one applet already, but it's written in OCaml, which I don't understand, and I couldn't compile it, either. And I don't want to keep the OCaml stuff on my machine, because my space is limited.

Besides, it will be a nice exercise for me, so I'll be doing it mostly for the coding experience. :P

So, my question is this - should I use the command line options (e.g., `mocp -p`, `mocp -s`, etc.) to send commands to the server, or is there another way I'm not aware of? As far as I could tell from the OCaml source for the existing applet, Start|Stop|Play are sent in a different way, and the info is updated by `mocp --info`. However, what this other way is is beyond my poor skills to find out on my own.

Any advice will be much appreciated,


You should use the command line interface if it's enough. Currently there is no library/API to interact with the MOC server from another program.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer