linux n00b question

Hi all and thanks for being here ... and the most exelent software MOC :-D
I'm kinda new to linux -only a few months now- and definately could use some help with installation, as i dont seem to have a clue on this one
I discovered MOC when i was using #!Crunchbang linux, (installed by default) but that OS is a bit too advanced for me so now i'm using PCLOS 2008 gnome edition.
can ne1 step me thru the install process or direct me to already existing instructions?

The simplest way is to use a distribution that has MOC as a package (like Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo). Without that you need to compile from source code, this is described in the README file, but I don't recommend that if you a beginner. MOC has many dependencies and you could run into frustrating problems :(

ok daper thanks for the info ... i'll check out that readme - having founf MOC it's hard to imagine life without it ^_^