PLay symbolic link

My music library is organise with symbolic links which points to mp3 files, is there anyway that moc could recognize a link and play the corresponding file?

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I should make some experiment before posting, sorry. The problem is that my links doesn't contains files extension that is why moc refuse to play it. Is there anyway to tell moc to read file without extension?

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moc chooses the decoder for a file by its extension (actually, the decoders tell moc, what extensions they can process). That is why there is currently no way to play a file without extension. I could imagine that for files without extension all decoders could be tried for one that can process the file but when the number of available decoders gets higher this could become a long process.

Why can't you just create symbolic links containing the extension ?

Thanks for the answer, actually I renamed the files so that they contains the extensions so everything work.

Thank you

That would be useful (to be able to play file without extension) if you are not suppose to have files like mp3, ogg, etc on your work laptop ... ;-)
Other possible way is to have an option, for ex. -t file_type so MOC can handle this type.


Try using the "UseMIMEMagic" configuration option, but be aware that in testing this reply I have detected and fixed a segfault bug in the MP3 decoder so you will need the very latest (as of now) SVN r2521 to get that patch.