Found two MP3 vbr files running buggy


I'm a MOC user and very happy with it. For me, it's the most stable audio player and more comfortable to use than those things full of buttons and bugs.

I'm probably one of the guys with the weirdest music taste ever. I like *A LOT* to hear C64 music and other stuff from 8bit and 16bit machines, friends that hear those "noise" (some of them say that) have headaches after an hour of hearing it and think is crap and not understand why I prefer it over "real music".

In my daily search of news about retro stuff, I did found about a nice addition for hearing the music from the exclusive Sega Master System Japanese system with a FM synth chip (a nice Yamaha YM2413, based on OPL2 (YM3812) and used as sound expansion on MSX) on an average SMS machine, some kind of adapter for the task. Some SMS games had the FM music on it, even the non-Japanese versions (don't ask why, but probably they were lazy and not changed the rom 8-)) had the same music. Here is the link to this retro thingie.

I was found two nice comparisons of the same game with PSG music (the manner to define the type of audio chip, a very common one on 8bit machines) versus the FM version of the same music (much more richer in details and less "beeps" on it):

I was wanting to hear those samples, but I detected a problem when playing: the music was cutting all time! It seems like a problem when decoding those MP3vbr files, I found a bug! 8-D

I only want to know if being true about this bug or not and the difficuly of solving it. I will wait the necessary time :)

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For me, both of them play correctly, either with moc 2.4.0 or with the current SVN version.

Works fine with me. (svn version)
Nice music too.