problems with launching custom commands (using xterm/LXDE-openbox)

my problem is :

I created a few custom commands in .moc/config

now when I run mocp the commands do the job correctly but then if I press UP or DOWN (or LEFT or RIGHT) keys it seeks one minute forward or backward (or 5 secs left or right) and sends "bad command"

some clues :
- run mocp in xterm
- AZERTY fr keyboard
- OpenBox/LXDE (Ubuntu)

it runs perfectly using the tty terminals... I guess it's a problem with xterm ?

(I found a dirty fix : disabling '[' and ']' from seeking, but i still receive "bad command" notification when pressing UP or DOWN after )

i couldn't find any clue with google or here
hope this is a trivial one though
thanks in advance

Ahhh... this is the post that made me sign up. :) I have the same problem, but hadn't even gotten as far as discovering that it was xterm-related, so thanks for that hint. Hopefully somebody can post a workaround here - given enough time it might be me...

Oh, and I'm using normal qwerty keyboard, for whatever that's worth.

just a note: hitting the TAB key (twice to return to previous state) after executing a command seems to prevent the problems; this is my workaround for now.

Same problem for me with french AZERTY keyboard, fluxbox (same under gnome), and gnome-terminal.
It's really annoying.