case insensitive

Is there a way to make moc not care about case? some of my filenames are all lowercase but their respective playlists have mixed case (for the same filenames) and thus do not play. hope this makes sense.

thanks, moc is great

I think that it is possible to write appropriate patch but this is more file system problem than moc problem.
For example ext2/ext3 file system is case sensitive but FAT32 (vfat) is not so if you will copy files from ext3 to FAT32 with names test.fl and Test.fl, you will have only one test.fl file on FAT32.

yeah, and that is precisely what i am doing :(

would it be possible when browsing in moc to have folders/files displayed in a case insensitive manner so that lower case doesn't all get lumped at the end of the listing?

thanks for any help!