MOC - Samba Shares ?

Hello All,

I have done a search but can't seem to find out how to get MOC to connect to a shared fies I
have on another PC.

Is this possible ? ( I'm using Ubuntu )

I have MOC installed on two PC's one upstairs with the files locally and a Samba share set up so
I can see the files on the downstairs PC.

Rhythmbox can see the share on the downstairs PC and I can play the files that way, but I want
to access the share with MOC.



I guess you are using Gnome VFS (Virtual Filesystem) to access files on your server (through smb:// paths). I'm not really sure if/where these are reachable on the real FS (I recall ~/.gvfs but…). So you might want to mount the share. First you need to install packages called smbclient and smbfs or like.
Then either run the mount program like this (with some options added, see man mount.cifs): mount -t cifs //upstairs/music /mnt/music
or add a line to /etc/fstab: //upstairs/music /mnt/music cifs user=simon,password=pass,iocharset=utf8,codepage=cp852,dir_mode=0755,file_mode=0666,uid=simon,gid=simon 0 0
The latter is what I've been using for quite some years.
I don't expect this little how-to would work as I could've missed some important steps but at least you see the direction.
There sure are many topics on Ubuntu Forums about mounting SMB shares, e.g. or
PS: I'm using terms CIFS and SMB interchangeably. They should mean "the same" with CIFS being the newer name for the protocol, I think.

Thanks for trying to help me, looks like I figured it out as the same time you were replying.



Ok I finally got it so I thought I'd just solve it here for myself and any other newbies like
me who might get stuck ?

I normally use "mocp -T transparent-background" in terminal to start moc the way I like it.

I tried looking in media and mount and samba to find my share once I mounted it on my desktop
in Ubuntu but nothing was there and it was drive me mad.

I tried dragging the mounted share off my desktop into moc and tried dragging it into terminal
to get the link but all I kept getting was


Which did nothing ...

I played some more and tried the following.

I opened places / computer on my menu and navigated through my mounted shared folder to the
folder I wanted to open in moc and simply dragged that folder into my terminal which gave me

'/home/simon/.gvfs/my book on simon-desktop/Grump/MY MUSIC'

So all I needed was to navigate to the /home/simon/.gvfs folder in moc and I would have found
my share.

Hope this helps someone, I read through the documentation and the read me and was totally lost.