I wonder if anyone knows if it would be possible to add some bookmark feature to moc, so that moc remember where I was in my audiobook(s)?
I assume writing the current time code to an ascii bookmark file related to the relevant audio file (such as my_book.bookmark related to my_book.mp3) and automatically reading it back again when re-opening the file would do the trick, but I have no idea how to achieve that...


Block marks (r2103 and r2188) allow you to mark up to two
points in the audio, but they are not persistant. It is on
my TODO list to make them persistant and allow one to jump
straight to them.

Would this satisfy your requirement?

Well, I'm like Muddy Waters - I can't be satisfied, but yes, I think it would!
Thanks a bunch!!

If it does not mean a lot of extra efforts, would it be possible to have a setting that by default puts a bookmark on the file currently playin, so that if a new track is started before the last was finished, a bookmark is automatically created that causes playback of the old track resume when it is started next time?


I had previously thought of having MOC create a special bookmark
if the playing of an audio was interrupted, and having an option
which resumes at that point when the audio was played again would
logically follow. (This is similar to what some PVRs do.)

But the current block marks would have to be extended in some way,
and that isn't obvious to me at present.

However, there are developments in the pipeline which would make
doing this quite straightforward, so it would be best to postpone
it until then.