FFMPEG for aac/m4a support

I'm new to moc, but I really like it. The main problem I'm having is... that I can't get it to support my vast library of m4a music. I initially installed the ffmpeg plugin package, and when it didn't work I went to the documentation and found that it isn't compiled properly. I went and loaded the "ffmpeg" package that says that it supports everything... but I still get the "no codex" message. I assume that this is something that I'm going to have to compile from source and put in the proper magic folder to get it to work. Can someone tell me how to compile this properly? Let me throw out there that I have tried multiple times to compile things from source, and have repeatedly wasted days of my life on it to no success. So if someone could point me to a good set of instructions or something, I would be quite grateful.

Possibly resolved by SVN commit r2408.