Bug: Playback not corresponding to progressbar

How to reproduce:

1. Start playing a FLAC file
2. Use hot keys to change position in file. I tried skipping forward holding Left Arrow for a couple of seconds, and also pressing Left/Right Arrow once.
3. Progress bar shows the time in track you skipped to, but _playback occasionally starts from the very beginning of the file_.
4. Pressing Left/Right Arrow again moves you to a point in file which now corresponds to the progress bar.

This occurs only with FLAC files -- I was unable to reproduce this with an .ape or .wv file, tried many times on different files; didn't try other formats.

Version : 2.5.0-alpha4
Built : Feb 26 2012 16:00:51
Compiled with : OSS ALSA JACK DEBUG internet streams resample

* I tried skipping forward holding _Right_ Arrow, of course. My bad.