Yet another (and I guess small) feature request

First of all, MOC rocks. Never thought that such a damn small player will suit all my needs.

But there is one thing I wanted to tell. Some time before discovering MOC I`ve been using Quod Libet. No talking about it in general, but it had a nice feature - Gajim status message plugin. And I thought - why not to make similar thing with MOC? But through all the config and man I did not found a feature that could ease the task greately - external reaction on some internal events. For example, executing some script on song change / start / stop (gajim-remote in my situation, or a wrapper for it).

Is there some plan for it?

Yet again thanks for a great software1!

There are plans, but MOC isn't actively developed now, so I can't tell you when it will be done. Now you can only run a shell script which looks like:

<br /> while true<br /> do<br /> mocp -i > /tmp/moc_info<br /> # here parse moc_info (state/song name/etc.)<br /> sleep 1<br /> done<br />

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I had an idea like that, but wouldn`t it bug the CPU much?

And so, after the exams that`ll be fine work to write a patch..

I don't think it would be a more than a tiny load on a decent hardware. You can even increase the sleep time between checks to few seconds.

Patches are welcome of course. How would it work? Running command event_name on each event where events are: play, stop, etc. or a more complex solution?

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

My guess is approximately that. Probably, the command will be passed with some arguments such as track / artist / title.

But now there are exams to pass..