save playlist elsewhere?

I know "V" is for saving and naming a playlist, but is there a way to choose where to save it?
I'd like to have just one folder in ~ where I save all my lists for easy access.

You can always give the absolute path /home/user/playlists like so, but I agree, it might be a nice feature request for the config file to be able to set an explicit default playlist-folder like Musicdir and FastdirN.

I didn't know about the possibility of giving the absolute path, so thanks for explaining that.
If in the future there'll be a more convenient way, all the better, but I can live with this solution :-)

another thing about playlists is that when I add a tune, the existing playlist doesn't save it automatically and I have to retype the whole name like "V savedplaylistJAZZ". It would be nice if adding a tune would save within the existing playlist.

I warm this up.

You could create a Fastdir like /home/USER/Music/Playlists.

Whenever you save a playlist go to the fastdir by the defined shortcut, then moc will save it there. Moc saves always, where you are in the directories-browser. Then it will also overwrite the existing special playlist and not only the one in you ~/.moc directory.